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Crazy Kroenke

Stan Kroenke clearly is a guy who marches to his own drummer. Kroenke dropped a bombshell yesterday, surprising everyone by announcing his intentions to purchase the St Louis Rams. Kroenke already owns 40% of the Rams and had a contractual right to match a bid if someone attempted to purchase the other 60% from the existing ownership. Kroenke was not expected to exercise this right, as the NFL prohibits cross-ownership (Kroenke already owns the Avalanche and the Nuggets). Instead, Kroenke was expected to either stand pat and retain his 40% share, or sell his 40% to enable him to expand his majority share of the English football club Arsenal.

Nope. Kroenke threw everyone a curveball with his 11th-hour announcement that we would make a bid for 100% of the Rams. No one really knows how Kroenke will get around the NFL's cross-ownership rules, but it's a safe bet to assume that Stan has a plan. Kroenke had 60 days to make a decision and he used every one of them. He and his team have this all figured out. We just don't know how they plan to proceed yet.

Could that plan somehow involve selling the Avs and Nuggets? Thankfully, that hasn't been tossed out yet and the assumption is that Kroenke has a play that won't involve selling the Avs. Still, until we know for sure that Kroenke has no intention of selling, the fingernails are going to be just a little shorter in Denver.