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Game 78 Preview: Sharks at Avalanche

Vs_medium Matchavalanche_medium
San Jose Sharks
6 MT / 8 ET / 1 GMT
Colorado Avalanche
48-20-10 April 4th, 2010
  106 pts Pepsi Center
89 pts
1st in West
Denver, CO
8th in West


It's Easter today and I was considering doing some lame thing involving the Avs resurrecting their playoff hopes and stuff, but I decided against it. So, forgot I brought it up. Let's just focus on the fact that the Avalanche are still in the driver's seat, even though they've lately been driving like my mother (trust me, it's not pretty).

I'm using comedic license there (and using the word "comedic" rather liberally here as well), because the Avalanche have actually been playing pretty good hockey of late. They could have easily beaten San Jose last Sunday, they played well in the early going against Anaheim before turnovers did them in and the Calgary game on Friday may have been the best all-around game the team has played in months. If the Avalanche can keep repeating that effort, the wins will start coming.

If you're the worrying kind, you can keep an eye on the Flames against Chicago at 3pm eastern today, but I, for one, am not thinking about the Flames. I'm just rooting for Avalanche wins.

And yes, I still believe.

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