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Game 79 Preview: Avalanche at Canucks

Vs_medium   Matchcanucks_medium

Colorado Avalanche
8 MT / 10 ET / 3 GMT
Vancouver Canucks
42-29-7 April 6th, 2010
91 pts GM Place
100 pts
8th in West
Vancouver, BC 3rd in West


Is there anyone out there who doesn't know what's at stake tonight? You can read the SBN thorough breakdown of the playoff situation, or you can stick with Mile High Hockey for the bullet point breakdown: an Avalanche win eliminates the Ducks and Blues from playoff contention. An Avalanche win AND a Flames regulation loss will end Calgary's season and put the Avs in the playoffs.

Not that a win is going to come easily - the Canucks have manhandled the Avalanche this year, outscoring the Avs 22-11 and winning 4 out of 5. And the Save Ferris campaign begins, as Peter Mueller will miss at least the next two games with the concussion suffered at the hands of the gentelmanly Rob Blake. Unlike Mueller, David Jones is on the trip although he is unlikely to see any action. On the ice, I mean.

One bit of good news? The Canucks essentially have nothing to play for tonight. They have clinched the division already and have just a slim chance of improving to the 2nd seed (Chicago needs just one win in their final 4 to put the kibosh on that). For all intents and purposes, the Canucks are just tuning up for the postseason. If all goes well, the Avalanche could be doing the same after tonight.

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