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Contract Details of Recent Avalanche Signees


I'll be spending a lot of my Mondays in the offseason talking about the salary cap. To kick things off, I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at cap numbers for the deals given to several players towards the end of the season. These are all entry level deals, so there's nothing to exorbitant or surprising capwise, but it's good to have them. All info is according to the good folks at

All deals start next season and all are two-way deals. A two-way contract gives a player one salary while he's in the NHL and a different (much smaller) salary in the AHL. All figures given are for the NHL portion of the deal and include any applicable bonuses (which count against the cap).

F Mark Olver. 2 years, $850,000 per year

F Zach Cohen. 2 years, $735,000 per year

D Colby Cohen. 3 years, $875,000 per year.

D Kevin Shattenkirk. 3 years, $1,300,000 per year


Also, forward Harrison Reed, acquired in the Stephane Yelle deal, is entering the final year of his entry level contract. His NHL cap number is $533,000. 

Next week, I'll probably look at potential buyout candidates (spoiler alert: that will be a short article) and then we'll move on to the upcoming RFAs and UFAs and the Avs' cap situation in general heading into the start of free agency on July 1st.