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Obligitory Game 7 Thread: Flyers @ Bruins!! East Coast Bias!!

The Boston Bruins return to the friendly confines of Random Sponsorship Garden to take on the Philadelphia Flyers after the neo-con Broadstreet Bullies had the gall, the audacity, the out-right chutzpah to storm back into the series after losing the first three games!

Tuukka Rask (aka the best rookie goaltender not named Jimmy Howard) looks to steady the ship against the Laperriere-less Flyers who are starting their 2,586th goalie since being awarded an expansion franchise. Claude Julien's Bruins look to put down the streaking Flyers hopefully with some inspired play from man-mountain Zdeno Chara and a bunch of forwards who aren't Phil Kessel. Mid-season replacement coach Peter Laviolette and his crew of miscreants and hope to finish off the team that gave him his first sniff of the NHL coaching confines as an assistant. Perhaps he still holds a grudge about not getting to coach his hometown team and being forced instead to helm the New York/Kansas City Islanders?

Fun Fact #1: Laviolette was fired by the Hurricanes on December 3, 2008 and hired to replace the fired John Stevens on December 4, 2009. Apparently, nobody on the East Coast has the balls to fire a guy on Christmas.

Fun Fact #2: Vezina-winning goalie Tim Thomas decimated my fantasy hockey team this season. Dick.