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Embrace Nonsense: Dream Roster

I was thinking back on all the fun we had this past season watching the team blossom (in a manly, hairy chest kind of blossoming), and it got me reminiscing on all the glory from season's past. We've enjoyed some AMAZING teams and SUPERB individual talent in Denver. So with nostalgia knocking, I decided to peruse old rosters and relive some of my fondest memories.

And for no good reason at all, as I examined the old rosters, I started to compile my own imaginary all-team roster for the Avalanche. Now, before I go any further, I KNOW this is ridiculous, but these are the dog days of summer (or spring) and it made me smile thinking back to Drury's prowess in the clutch, full-bearded deep playoff runs, Roy's bad English, or Mike Ricci's face.

Who would you choose for your roster? Who are your 4 dream Centers? Goalies? Six Defensemen? Does Duchene make the cut? What is the best all time Avalanche team you could summon in the magical make believe places in your mind (you know, where the unicorns dance and urinate rainbows)? Post your roster in the comments and dream.... 


And while this is all make believe and asinine, I put a limit on each of my picks: they had to have played at least 70 games in an Avalanche sweater. Why did I limit myself in this idiotic pretend scenario? Because I wanted Craig Anderson on the team, and some all star players didn't spend enough time in Denver to really be considered essential Avs in my mind (I'm looking at you Kariya, Selanne, and Fleury). But there are no rules in make believe roster land so do whatever you want.

Last disclaimer: this is not serious. Anybody who thinks it is, is a Red Wings fan boring and hates life.

Here's my list (FWIW):

1st line:

Tanguay - Forsberg - Hejduk

2nd line:

Kamensky - Sakic - Lemieux

3rd line:

Smyth - Stastny - Deadmarsh

4th line:

Brunette - Drury - Lappy


Bourque - Blake (pre-Ferris murder)

Ozolinsh - Foote

Krupp - Liles