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2010 Draft Live Thread!!!

First round on Versus @ 7 p.m. Eastern.  The Avs (at the time of this writing) have the #17 pick.  Will they trade up? Down? Target a specific need? Best Player Available?  Who will be moved as part of a Draft Day Deal? Will Campbell still be there at 17?  Will they reach a tad for a defenseman with rage issues?  Can a legit sniper be had in that middle tier of picks? Will Colorado pick someone tall enough to ride the new Harry Potter attractions in Florida? The excitement, it is palpable.

On a personal note, I get to watch Edmonton draft somebody who I'll likely NEVER see play in OKC because the parent club is so woeful they could see all of their 2010 draft picks in the show next year and nobody would be surprised.

Anyway.............Begin the shenanigans that is MHH!