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Roundtable Recap - Cumiskey Haters


Today we're taking another look back at the pathetic prophetic powers of the MHH Roundtable.  Specifically, we're talking about what your beloved Avalanche bloggers thought of the chances of Abbotsford, BC native Kyle Cumiskey's chances of sticking with the big club. 

Shane leads off with some for of his folksy wisdom:

This season it most certainly will be an AHL-life for ol' Kyle as the defense is set. But I'm not too hopeful for Kyle next season either. There will be room on the roster but there are some solid defensive prospects including one of our brightest hopes on the backend, Kevin Shattenkirk. I don't see Cumiskey surpassing the boys in the pipeline for a spot on the Avalanche any time soon.

Little did Shane know that Cummers would suit up for 61 games last season and is now penciled in as one of the defenseman that may be taking away a spot from some of the other guys in the system.  Let's see how the others fared in their assessment of The Roadrunner.


GEO from Avslova Factor is at least mildly positive in his outlook:

Cumiskey won't latch on, but it won't be the AHL-for-life. In two or three years, I highly doubt Foote, Clark, or Salei will still be on the Colorado roster. Obviously, there will be some heavy competition with Shattenkirk, Gaunce, perhaps a Colby Cohen or a Stephane Elliot, but Cumiskey is definitely in the group that will be competiting.

If he can get some playing time this year, he'll need to capitalize on it to stick around. See: Cody McLeod.

Next up is the one and only David Driscoll-Carignan following the popular consesus that Meep-Meep won't stick in the show last season:

I like Cumiskey and would love for him to succeed. He's fun to watch. He hasn't shown that he can cut it offensively, yet, and that's a problem. There's no room for him this year (barring injury) and it won't get any easier next year when some of the high-profile defensive prospects start entering the picture. I think it's an AHL career for him. The good news? Lake Erie now plays 4 games a year in his hometown of Abbotsford.

Why do you hate the Avalanche, DDC?  Cumiskey had 20 points in those 61 games.  Not bad for a career AHL-er!

The last quote we'll throw up for today is from Angelique who has some harsh words for management and hoped the Sacco regime fares better in it's handling of young Kyle:

Kyle Cumiskey is a wonderful skater, but the rest of his game has yet to catch up. A full year in the AHL, playing tons of minutes may be the best way to go at this point. There is a lot of veteran depth ahead of him, but an opportunity could open up in 2010-11 as Adam Foote, Brett Clark and Ruslan Salei are all unrestricted free agents next summer. Kevin Shattenkirk may be the only other prospect defenseman ready to make the jump, so a full time NHL gig is still a distinct possibility for Cumiskey. It's my opinion that Cumiskey's development has been stifled. He's recalled by the Avalanche due to injury and then sits on the bench instead of receiving playing time. Hopefully the new brain trust handles him better.

Anyway, that's another fun-filled look back to the bygone times of last off-season.  My hope is this post generates at least two on-topic comments before devolving in another discussion of nerdery, steak, or Kovi.  But it's Friday and you know what?  It won't hurt my feelings when it doesn't happen.