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DOLLARS & SENSE (The Avalanche Experience)

It's all about the no rookie camp.

Building from within.

Stewie and Ferris still in contractual limbo.

Marketing. Marketing! Marketing?

2 days (meaning 6 hours) of training camp in place of the normal annual 3 day camp.

Sherman sticking to the plan. Sticking to his guns. Sticking it to fans:

We have an expectation as a franchise. We have a standard as a franchise. We certainly want to exceed the expectations that we have internally. ~ Greg Sherman, July 1st on

Question: Just what are those expectations mentioned in the above quote and how will they be exceeded internally? Answer: Daniel Winnik

Heart & Soul player, fan favorite, gives 100% every shift, and winner of the team's 2009-2010 goal of the season contest as voted online by fans: Matt Hendricks cut loose after asking for "too much". For more on this, see Ian Laperriere.

AVS "reloading" process.

A penny saved is a penny not going to Kovi.

The St. Louis Rams.

Sacco snubbing children.

If this is the Avalanche experience, I'd rather not.