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Friday Link Dump and Thoughts

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  • Captain Lou is "unsure" if he wants to steer the ship that is the HMS Cunuck. Since he's technically the definition of a backseat driver in this hole "captain from the crease" thing, maybe he shouldn't wear the C.
  • Here's an article over at Copper & Blue regarding the best forwards in the NHL. Our own Duke of Wristshotistan is omnipresent.
  • I'm pretty pessimistic about the news of Donald Fehr taking the reins of the NHLPA. I'm willing to see what happens over the course of the season before I get really REALLY worried, but his hiring feels like a Tara Reid in American Pie 2 kind of bad omen.
  • Meanwhile, I'm in neutral over the whole ownership switcharoo. Frei's latest opinion piece seems to fall along those lines. Again, it's a little bit of a wait-and-see approach from this basement dweller, but I wish the transfer would happen swiftly and not muddy around till 2014. Hat tip to horbayj for the linkage.
  • Looks like I'll get to see the boys of Clevaland early this AHL season. Hopefully it won't be an exhibition of the two worst teams in the league. But hey! All AHL hats are 50% off in the store!!
  • Here's a quick wrap-up of the World Hockey Summit.
  • Anyone But Detroit summarizes the recent Avalanche jersey number changes with visual aides.
  • And finally, SBN bunkmate Behind The Net has a poll up on who will win the West in 2010-2011. As Adam, Mike, and Mike would say, "Check, check, now check it out!"

UPDATE: WE DID IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! This article is proof that if we spam enough intraweb sites with "Svatos would work well in Pittsburgh" crap, somebody will believe us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!