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Announcing the Mile High Hockey "Predict & Win Contest"!

Good morning dear readers,

In a recent post, many of you (meaning two) discussed how you would enjoy a forum to show off your powers of prediction and/or drunk luck, in guessing how the 2010-2011 season would unfold for our beloved Avalanche. So, in an effort to show we listen to our beleaguered league of faithful followers (and to kill some more time until Oct 7th), we are pleased to announce the first ever "Mile High Hockey Predict and Win Contest Extravaganza of Fun Time Merrymaking and Passing the Time Until the Season Starts Contest"! There will be prizes! There will be rules!! There will be Arby's sauce!

Here's how it will work: Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, September 1st, at 10am MST, we will post the actual forum for you to make your predictions. The post will be open for 48 hours, after which, it will close and all predictions will do like Moses and his ten commandments and be set in stone. **if you are not currently a member of SBN and MHH, first, why the hell aren't you? And second, you can sign up today and then be able to comment now, and cast your prediction tomorrow. So don't wait!**


  1. Be nice. All predictions are created equal, so no attacking anyone or their prediction!! No name calling, no biting, no hair-pulling, no crying, no running near the swimming pool. Leave those types of surly shenanigans for the clever fans of the winged wheel.
  2. You only get ONE prediction. Once you've had your say, you're done. You can't change your story five times throughout the post - that's why we're giving you a day's notice to ponder and utilize all your mind grapes to come up with the best prediction you possibly can.

You must predict the following 4 items to enter the contest and be eligible for the sweet prizes:

  • What do you predict will be the point total the Avs will amass over the 82 game season?
  • First tie-breaker:  What round (if any) of the playoffs will the Avs get to? First? Second? Miss playoffs? Cup Champs? Etc., etc..
  • Second tie-breaker: Guess the Avs regular season final conference standing.
  • Third tie-breaker: How many starts for Peter Budaj?

So your prediction could read something like this: I predict the Avs will finish with 95 points, get tossed in the second round, finish 7th in the West, and Budaj will start a measly 1 start.

Prizes: The winner will receive a pair of season tickets! $25 gift certificate to the MHH store, a front page article declaring and celebrating the winner's amazing skills (photo of yourself included!), bragging rights all summer long (unless you get too annoying), and Mike will take you out for an Arby's lunch where he will personally punch the Arby's sandwich of your choosing.

All of this is subject to change as we see fit/our lawyer (Joe) advises. But please have fun and enjoy yourselves. Feel free to use today's post to get out all your thinking/debating so that your prediction is fine tuned and ready to rock Wednesday morning.