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GroupThink: Which Defenseman Do We Protect in the SBN Mock Expansion Draft?

For those who missed last week's episode, SBN is running a Mock Expansion Draft because...well, just because. In a landslide, Mile High readers voted overwhelmingly to go with the 1 goalie, 5 defenseman and 9 forwards option. (Which, we realized too late, was the only option we were allowed to use anyway). Now for the fun part: picking our protected list.

I'm not even going to bother polling about the goalie. We are protecting Craig Anderson. End of story. In this thread, we'll pick the 5 defensemen to protect. Actually, in the poll below we're going to select the defenseman we want to expose.

  • Hannan
  • Liles
  • Cumiskey
  • Wilson
  • Foote
  • Quincey

One of those names needs to be left unprotected. And based on the look of some of the protected lists coming in, chances are pretty strong that the player we expose will be taken so keep that in mind when making your choice. The player with the most votes by, say, 6pm eastern on Wednesday will be the one we don't protect. Choose wisely.

(Forward list will be done separately)