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The chance of a lifetime

Hi, my name is Billy and I am nine years old. I love hockey and my favorite team is the Colorado Avalanche. I have been a fan of the Colorado Avalanche for as long as I remember and really miss the glory days of guys like Andrew Brunette and Ian Laperriere. Oh, and that mean looking coach with the furry mustache.

I also like Wojtek Wolski and I was really sad when he got traded. I was so mad I ripped up like 12 of my pokemon cards, but then my mom said she wouldn't buy me any more of them if I didn't stop and I'm really hoping to get a Lugia EX someday, because that thing has like a HUNDRED hit points. My stepdad Gary says that Wojtek Wolski is a floater and he used to yell really bad things at the TV when he got mad at Wojtek Wolski, but I think he just needs to be a little nicer. I'm sure I would duck and scream and throw the puck away if some big man was going to run into me, so I don't think it's fair to judge Wojtek Wolski if he does that too. Anyway, Gary might be a jerk sometimes, but my mom really likes him so I guess he can't be all bad.

Besides, I'm totally going to win this cool contest where I can train with Wojtek Wolski and where I can become bigger and stronger and learn how to hold gigantic dumbbells like that short guy in the picture! All I have to do is write 350 words about why I should get to train with BioSteel (whatever that is) and then I TOTALLY win and get to hang out with REAL NHL players (plus Andrew Cogliano). Oh, and not only will Wojtek Wolski be there, but also Daniel Winnick. I don't know anything about him, but my friend Bob said he must be totally better than Ilya Kovalchuk, because the Colorado Avalanche could have signed ANYONE this summer and that's who they picked. I'm really sad to see Wojtek Wolski play on another team next year, even if it means I don't have to hear "shoot the goddamn puck" all the time from Gary, but now that we have Daniel Winnick, we're going to be awesome. I bet the Avalanche could even beat the Luigia EX!