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The Darkest Day in MHH History

There came a day, unlike any other day when all the collective awesome of the MHH community could not turn back the tide of despair caused by the most unthinkable of all thoughts: The Well-thought-of Colorado Avalanche traded the Much Beloved Baron of Von Wolski.  (Whew.  I barely got that out without shedding an unmanly tear...) Now, many of you have no doubt just recently completed the state mandated grief counseling required to deal with that tragically historic Wednesday of Wolski, but we still need to deal with as a community.  So I thought I'd let some of the newer members help us ALL heal a little today.  And I thought the best way to do that would be to recap some of horrific things that happened on that day.

  • Joe logged on but everybody was so grief stricken and shocked by the trade they failed to make a Top 19 joke at his expense.
  • In solidarity for his WW brethren, DDC dropped the C and was just David Driscoll (DD) for a 3-day mourning period.
  • Nobody noticed that Bob and Dan were sitting in a corner sobbing on each others' shoulders.
  • Beachie began walking from California to Denver. Kinda like Caine in Kung Fu.
  • UZ wept silently at his computer for a minute and then deleted his Baron newsletter.  Instead, he decided to form a David Jones Fan Club in a thinly veiled attempt to deflect his shame at having backed a traded player through thick and thin.
  • gl avfan went missing for three months.
  • avschifan changed his login to chiavsfan.
  • Jibbles correctly replied to all comments. Hopfenkopf did not reply at all.
  • hockeymom and sandiegee refused to talk about sex for 86 minutes as a tribute to The Baron's new number in Phoenix.
  • Canary didn't post a single Arnason pic for, like, three days! He did however stare at this photo for hours.
  • SeeSixWhores only felt like looking at two whores all day.
  • Mike began punching JR roast beef sandwiches.

What other tales of woe do you need to get off of your chest regarding that bleakest of days?  For it truly was