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I seriously was going to write about Ellis' Twitter tiff today, but Joe stole my thunder.  He also used WAY more expletives and illegal images than me, so I don't feel like anything I would have written would be in the same realm of awesome.  So I'm taking the lazy blogger's way out and throwing out an open thread.  What do you guys want to talk about? 

DDC and I are kicking around question ideas for the 3rd Annual Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable.  Got any feedback on that?

Do you think any of these guys (excluding Darcy Tucker and Theo) are worth signing to help the Avs get to the cap floor?

Did your alma mater suffer a soul-crushing loss last night like mine did?

I get to play on the new AHL ice here in OKC next week. Not sure if I'm in net or suiting up as a two-way winger with no slapshot.

My keeper roster was due the other day.  I kept SoS (of course), but let Galiardi hit the street.  Looking at my 10 keepers, I see a long season ahead of me. (Sos, Oshie, Semin, Penner, Huselius, Gionta, Weber, Enstrom, Rinne, Thomas).

Anybody got any new hobbies that don't involve video games or making fun of Savage's Australian-ness?