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More Rookie Camp Photos

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If you've been reading along this week, you've probably already seen the rookie camp recaps by Beachie. There's also some great photos on Flickr taken by Avalanche fan Max Janicek. Some of you may have seen these already over at the HFBoards. If you haven't, definitely check them out. Max has graciously given us permission to post some of my favorites here, which I will do after the jump. Note that these are all from day one.


Many have already commented on Peter Mueller's new long locks and devilish goatee. Personally, I kind of dig it. But I do have to point out...


Highlights? Er...okay.


Great action shot of BMF, Kyle Quincey


and a good look at Radar O'Reilly


Kevin Shattenkirk, focused on making the team


"What, no ice girls at practice?"


(Sticking with the goalie theme) John Grahame


And Calvin Pickard, who has been reportedly been doing well. Not sure who the other two are. The blond guy looks like a young Rob Blake there, doesn't he? Is the one on the right Dan Winnik?



Finally my favorite shot - Ryan Wilson and Brandon Yip


Thanks Max for sharing your great photos with us!