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Calling All Hockey Players!


Well, here is the big news.

About a week ago all the writers here at MHH received a formal challenge from Justin over at The Avalanche Guild to take part in an After-Hours hockey game on the ice at Pepsi Center prior to the Avalanche and Sharks game on Thursday, October 21st. How could we say no? So we didn't and have accepted the challenge. Now here's where you guys come in.

More details after the jump.

As you know, there are only 7 "staff writers" here at MHH and out of the seven of us, Angelique and Dustin are the only "locals", the rest of us are scattered throughout the country. I will be on vacation from the Navy and will be making the drive to Denver from Seattle with my goalie gear in the trunk. So that makes one. I would like to have a minimum of 10 skaters with a maximum of 15 so everyone can get a good amount of ice time.

To make all of this happen, we are going to need to sell 75 nearly HALF PRICE tickets to the Avs/Sharks game that night. The guys over at The Avs Guild will be providing an official promo flyer with event and discount ticket information on our After-Hours game. The flyer will include links to a special website where the discounted tickets can be purchased online from the Avalanche. I don't have any details on the specific prices of the tickets but it will be on the website where you purchase the tickets. There will also be more information on The Avs Guild website and the flyer that will have all of the ticket prices as well. Once we receive the flyer, feel free to post this on your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, you name it.

The great thing about the discounted tickets is that anyone can take advantage of the offer and support our team. So the more you spread the flyer to your friends and family and co-workers, the easier it will be to reach our total. The more tickets we sell, the more incentives we are eligible to receive. This includes things like the pre-game warmup bench experience, penalty box experience and zamboni experience.

The actual game is taking place from 4:00 - 5:00pm and we will have showers available after the game to wash up. There will be a referee and full usage of the PA system, jumbotron scoreboard and the full atmosphere of playing on Pepsi Center ice. Fans are more than welcome to come and watch and sit right at center ice or right along the glass. The Avs Guild has a group discount set up with Brooklyn's Bar and Grill, so we are all going to se up a reservation for around 5:30pm and we get 10% off our total bill.

You can check out what the After-Hours experience is all about by visiting the info section on The Avs Guild:

For those that don't play hockey, it would be an awesome time to come out and support the friendly rivalry that has been born between our two sites. Not only do you get to watch us hack it up on the ice at Pepsi Center, you will also get to watch some real professionals that night as well.

[Editor's Note, 3:32pm PST: Derek here again, for all players who are interested, regardless of your skill level, email me using the link next to my pic at the bottom of the page so I can start putting a roster together. In the email, include any playing experience you have, how long you have been playing and what position you play (I will be in goal for Team MHH). I also can't stress enough, even if you have no desire to play, but would like to take your friends and/or family to an Avs game at an affordable price, hit me up for the link to the special discounted tickets page, they will all count towards the 75 we need to sell.]