Avs/Blues game from somebody who was there

So I saw the Avs in action for the first time this year against the Blues tonight. Got my first look at Cohen, Shatty and the rest of the rookies. I'll tell you what I noticed from them. We'll see how well Moser is calling the game.

Olver: From what I saw, he was a ghost.

Carman: I remember hearing his name so I think he was playing, but I don't even remember seeing him.

Ghost x2 Porter: Did he change his number? Didn't see him either.

Bordello: Didn't see much of him but I believe he was the one who was the recipient of a ghost interference call where the other guy did a great job faking. Had the trainer out and everything. And he got popped in the back while he was staring, mouth gaping, at the referee, and fought the guy (good fight). Penalties were offsetting. Anybody remember what I'm talking about?

Dupuis: needs to keep his head up.

Holos: Nothing impressive from what I saw. He had a bad turnover or two and didn't look sharp

Shattenkirk: Great. Good positional defense. He surprised Bishop twice by driving to the net and had some good shots from the point as well.

Cohen: Pretty good. Did a great job (nice moves) to get out of trouble behind his own net. I noticed some less-than-optimal passes though. He was creating alot of open ice for himself in the offensive zone, which is promising. However, he passed up a few good scoring chances in Wolski-esque fashion.

Stoa: Great. He seemed to be everywhere at once. Drove to the net alot, got good shots, and played a good physical game. He's really making his case to stay on the team in place of Mueller. re

Apart from some iffy passes, it was a good game for the Avs. The only goal was a minor lapse in attention from the defense, and a guy was wide open in the slot, right between the circles. Andy got squared to him but the guy placed his shot well and beat Andy blocker high. The Avs had good shots and tested Bishop alot. Kept the shot count around even.

Also, a side note: they now have "It's all about the A" shirts in the team store. I was planning on sarcastically posting something sarcastic like "they're flying off the shelves" but I actually saw somebody wearing one. Wow. And I got a brief glimpse at Andy's new mask. One side looks like his mask from last year with darker colors, and the other resembles the sharp burgundy-blue split that they have in the "all about the A" background (no, his helmet doesn't say it.) One last thing: We had one of those guys behind us who yells encouragement to the players as if he's the coach. Weird thing with this guy was that he was using the players' nicknames. Most notably, I heard him yell "CLEAR IT, YIPPERS!" at the top of his lungs. Had to suppress laughter. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of