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Avs Ink Chris Stewart to 2-year Deal

Angelique had this up in the wee hours last night, but since I'm lazy I'm totally going to use if for today's content.  Hey, it's not often that the Avalanche DO something during the offseason, so I gotta milk it.  Anyway, here's the Colorado press release and here's Dater's Frei's write-up (note the awesome photo they used for the story...).  Per Dater the terms of the deal are 2 years at $5.75 million.  That's a cap hit of $2.875 million per year.  Looks like management managed! to get the coveted 2-year deal and Chris Stewart gets a nice raise after his 28 goal/64 point sophomore season. has the updated salary cap list as well with a calculated total Colorado cap of $39.64 million or about $3.75 million under the cap floor.  The $2.875 million number is significantly lower than DDC's prediction and makes me wonder what else the Avs have up their sleeves, cuz I don't see them giving Peter Mueller more $$$ than Stewart.  There may be signs of life in the front office after all.  **Or not since that number doesn't include Preissing's buyout.  My bad.