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Preseason Game 6 Live Thread: Avalanche at Stars

The Avalanche play the Dallas Stars tonight in Dallas. This is the 3rd time these teams will meet in just 6 days, which could result in some extra episodes of pugilistic urges. Or not.

There are just 2 games left for the Avs' bubble players to earn a spot on the roster. We expect all of the players still fighting for a job to be in the lineup tonight.

Tonight's live thread marks the addition of a new team member at MHH. Sandie G has graciously agreed to become a moderator here. We plan to add a few mods over the next month or so; Sandie is first and we'll add on more once we figure out what all the fancy buttons do. And in answer to your question, no, there isn't going to be any change to the the rules of the community. There is no crackdown coming and you'll still be able to do pretty much what you're doing now. The mods are going to help keep things running smoothly - you know, fixing jibble's misplaced replies and editing Dario's comments down to 10,000 words. They also might delete spam, welcome new members and create overflow threads, too. In other words, they will totally be using their powers for good. So please join me in welcoming Sandie to the Mile High club! Wait, that didn't come out right...