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The Numbers Game

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Howdy, strangers. Been a while.

I'm dropping in on you guys from my daily academic and employment hell to ask a big favor.  This should take no more than a few seconds of your time.

Please go to your SB Nation profile page.  Scroll down your list of joined blogs and find Mile High Hockey.  In that little box with this blog's logo, write down how many comments you've made here and then post that total in the comments to this post.


Don't worry, this isn't a competition, so don't be ashamed if your total is less than others. Just post the total in a comment below. 

Yes, I know by posting a comment your total will increase by one, and yes, I know some smarty pants will post fifteen different comments with fifteen different totals, but all I need is your total at the moment you look at it. That's all.

I miss you guys and hope all is well. Go Avs!