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SBNation Mock Expansion Rosters

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Don't worry, just ten days left until the Avalanche open training camp and we have something not fake to talk about, but until then, SB Nation has completed it's mock expansion draft. 2 of the 6 unprotected Avalanche players, as chosen by you, were taken. Foote went 18th overall to the fake Winnepeg Jets redux (I can't believe nostalgia is dead in Quebec City!!), and the new/old Quebec Nordiques gobbled up Kevin Porter 21st overall.

That means nobody wanted Daniel Winnik, David Koci, Peter Budaj and Josh Grahame cracker crust. Still no love for Boods. Not even fake love. Poor fella.

In all, both these fake teams suck. No real superstars one either squad. Colin White was the hottest commodity and number one draftee - and while a good shut down guy, he's not exactly the cornerstone of a dynasty.

Later this week, SB Nation will have the two fakers face off is a fake 7 game fake series of fake hockey for fake's sake.