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19 Men Out. Avalanche take the night off, lose 4-0.


Normally, we run a picture of the game at the top of these recaps. No photo will do tonight's game justice. Instead, the above box score tells you all you need to know. Two players without minuses in the +/- column. Two players with more than 2 shots. 3 players with more than 2 hits.

There really isn't any point in discussing this game any further. It was a giant, massive DUD. With the possible exception of Ryan O'Byrne and Philippe Dupuis, this was a terrible, terrible game from top to bottom. The Avalanche were sloppy. The Avalanche were slow. The Avalanche were passionless.The Avalanche were awful.

Worst of all: the Avalanche were dull.

Let's just hope we never, ever, ever, ever see something like that again.



  • Fleischmann, Duchene, Jones
  • Porter, Stastny, Hejduk
  • Winnik, O'Reilly, Yip
  • Galiardi, Dupuis, Mauldin
  • Liles, O'Byrne
  • Wilson, Foote
  • Hunwick, Shattenkirk


Quick Hits

  • Chicago's Troy Brouwer continues to play like an ex-Av; he scored his 4th goal against the Avs this year.
  • Corey Crawford recorded his 2nd straight shutout
  • The Avs were shutout for the 3rd time in their last 11 games.



Next Up

After having three days off, the Avalanche face the Minnesota Wild on Friday