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Daily Cupcakes: January 2nd, 2011

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John Grahame talked about his issues at the border. Grahame played for the Monsters last night and earned a shutout. The article states that he was arrested; however, Grahame says otherwise:

"Honestly, it was just a very minor, private, personal business matter," he said. "It was something I had no idea about, and I was made aware [of it] by the border people.

"There was no arrest. The only reason I had to go to the holding center was because you couldn't wait that long at the border."

I'm glad it was a more minor thing than what was reported, and that everything has been sorted out! Let's hope he keeps playing the way he did last night!



A preview of the Avalanche- Canucks game.

Defense has been the biggest problem recently for Sacco's team which has allowed three goals or more in eight of the last nine games.

That is a stat that needs to change... immediately! You hear me, Boys? 



So what do Dan Hinote and Jenny McCarthy have in common?  They are relatives.

McCarthy's brother-in-law is Dan Hinote, an ex-forward with the Colorado Avalanche

It made me giggle... and I've always had a soft spot for Danny Hinote.