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I Don't Believe You Are Using That Word Correctly


Many of you saw this linked in Bub's NW Check In column, but I thought I'd highlight it separately. Over at Hockey Wilderness, our old friend Bryan Reynolds is at it again. He's already shown us his unabashed love for Adrian Dater. Now, he's taken aim at Peter Forsberg.

This week's main drama has centered around an overage athlete attempting to come back to the professional game after having walked away. In Minnesota, the first name that comes to mind is Brett Favre. In Colorado, it is Peter Forsberg. While both of those men, and their inability to let it go, are despicable, this for once is not about them.


Since the piece wasn't about Forsberg, we weren't graced with Bryan's explanation as to why he finds Forsberg despicable or why he feels it warranted to lump Forsberg in with Captain Penis Crocs. I can only assume that Reynolds has grown tired of Forsberg's numerous comeback attempts and has somehow drawn a parallel to the running drama that has been Brett Favre.

It's a lousy parallel. Brett Favre has retired, un-retired, waffled on retiring and manipulated his retirement to force an opportunity to play for the chief rival of his long-time team. All ridiculous, and that's before any discussion of the sexual harrassment allegations.

Peter Forsberg has never wavered, never been unclear. He wants to play and has wanted to play this entire time. He was not on the sidelines waiting to decide if he really felt like going for one more year nor did he delay to pick a team that would give him the best chance at another Stanley Cup. He was waiting to see if his surgically repaired foot would ever become stable enough to let him do what he loves: playing hockey. No waffling here. His teammates didn't have to fly to his house to get him to make up his freaking mind about one more season. Peter Forsberg is nothing like Brett Favre.

The ability to play hockey at a high level is something so many of us can only dream of. And, despite the injuries, Forsberg played pretty darn well the last time he attempted to play - something Minnesota fans of all people should be aware of. If Forsberg still wants to try to play, still has that fire and desire to compete in the NHL, why would ANYONE call that despicable? Cut the guy some slack, dude. The man is just trying to play hockey. Where's the harm in that?