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Daily Cupcakes: January 27th, 2011


Well, I don't know about you, but I am bitter and angry about that game.


As Dustin said in the Recap, David Jones got injured during the game against Phoenix, let's hope it's not serious that won't heal itself over the All Star Break.  This is another recap.

Colorado, which had just one shot in the first period and seven through the first 30 minutes, gained momentum late in the second period. folks have a nice article about Foppa

All signs point to a return to active NHL playing status for Peter Forsberg but he will not give a date or set a timetable. He has expressed a desire to listen to his body and see how it goes. We can only hope he hears good things from his body and it goes along the lines of a successful return to the NHL via the Avalanche some time in the next few weeks.


Marc Savard returned home to Ontario after being injured again. Seriously, I get that these men want to win, but it's not worth putting their life at risk. I was beyond angry when I found out that Ian Laperriere lied about his symptoms so that he could play in the Cup run. Why won't these guys learn? What will it take for them to be more cautious and take these things seriously.

"It’s tough. He’s a guy that I’ve built a friendship and relationship with in the four years that I’ve been here," said Milan Lucic. "It’s tough to see him go through this especially with what he’s been through over the last year. It’s tough to say with concussions because things can drag on even with a minor one. It can go a lot longer than you expect.

"We hope that we see him back again this year, but he’s got to think about his health No. 1, and that he makes a full recovery. He’s got to avoid making a mistake in coming back too early where he puts his life in jeopardy."

The TorontoSun has an amusing take on the drafting of the All Stars.

Your assistant, Tampa Bay Lightning forward Martin St. Louis, has been pimping the virtues (and rightly so) of teammate Steven Stamkos, feeling the young sniper deserves to be your first pick in the much-anticipated all-star draft on Friday.

Should you opt to take St. Louis’ advice and go with Stamkos, however, you might, in the process, very well peeve off Alexander Ovechkin.

The same Alexander Ovechkin whose Washington Capitals face your Carolina Hurricanes six times per year.

The Aneheim Ducks are reportedly (Hell, apparently TMZ broke the news- tsn has picked up and it's who I chose to link) being sued by a former draft pick due alleged (did I cover my butt enough on this one?) to Anti-semtic abuse.

A Jewish hockey player is suing the Anaheim Ducks, claiming that the team's minor league coaches in Bakersfield made several anti-Semitic remarks at him during his stint in the East Coast Hockey League.


Gotta wait until February for the next game.