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Daily Cupcakes: January 28th, 2011

The hockey world is starting to weigh-in on the Marc Savard concussion debate.


I bumped into a doctor friend on Wednesday afternoon, and he had a simple message for me to pass along.

"If you run into Marc Savard, please do me a favor. Please tell him to retire while he still can."

Avalanche fans want more Jonas Holøs, and guess what, he knows, man, he *knows* about it!


Holos said he is aware of the support in Denver.

"I've gotten some links from fans who want me up there," Holos said. "It's nice to see. At the same time, I can't worry about it. I've got a job to do in Cleveland."

An article about Matt Hendricks


HBO followed both teams around in the weeks leading up to the game in an all-access, behind-the-scene look at the grind that is the NHL schedule.

At first, Hendricks said, it was tough to have a camera following the players’ every move from the hallways around the rink to the hotel room, training room and locker room.

"We were on an eight-game losing streak at the start, but by the last episode we won the game at Heinz Field. I think HBO did a great job portraying both teams," he said.