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Daily Cupcakes: January 31st, 2011

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If you were unable to see/ hear Matt Duchene saying that he partook in a little too much Vodka the night before the All Stars Skills Competition, I found a link for you. Personally, I think a little bit is being made of it, but at the same time the legal age in Canada is lower than the States. I think that given his marketing prowess, Duchene was doing it so that HBO would come running next year.  Think it'll work?

CBC Sports has a recap of the ASG with a number of quotes from Duchene. He talks about the event, the game, and Peter Forsberg.

"Some of the older guys were saying that they did away with the young guns game because of all the young stars coming up," Duchene added.

"We’re missing some experience," Duchene said. "He’ll add that. He’s a top-six guy even at 50 per cent."

"I really modelled the way I play after him," Duchene said. "It’s funny to see some of the stuff that I totally copy in every game and see him do it in practice.

I've never been big on watching the All Star game, but I've always really enjoyed the skills competition, perhaps I'll try and make it out to Ottawa, where it is being held next year.


Another recap from the ASG weekend.


In the Hardest Shot Competition, Zdeno Chara defeated Shea Weber with a shot at 105.9 miles per hour. Weber had only his at 103.4 (and his first-round shot was 104.8). Lesson from this competition: don't be in the line of a shot by Zdeno Chara.


A nice article about Tim Thomas

Thomas’s game, born from a battler’s approach and a creative hockey mind, has made him the best goalie on Earth right now. That style, developed in six states (Michigan, Vermont, Alabama, Texas, Rhode Island, Massachusetts) and four countries (United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland), has more in common with a tornado than an efficient Swiss timepiece.


The, seemingly, obligatory piece on a possible Foppa return

Forsberg's impact with the Avalanche—and therefore the Western Conference playoff race—all depends on the status of his foot. Forsberg's hands will never be questioned, even in his old age; the guy was playing on one foot in his last comeback and still finished with more points than games.

ESPN has their own take of the Top Moments of the ASG weekend,

The All-Star draft: The drama unfolded Friday night, especially when Colorado's Paul Stastny and Toronto's Phil Kessel were the only two players left to be selected. Then, with an uncharacteristic display of brutality, Team Staal captain Eric Staal joked that, since Toronto wasn't much of a hockey market, he was going to take Stastny. Ouch.

I'll be honest, I laughed as Ovie, tongue sticking out in concentration, was taking Kessel's picture with his blackberry. However, I started to feel bad that the guy's experience of the ASG was a constant barrage of "How do you feel about being last". I'm glad that they gave 20,000$ towards his choice charity (I believe both are for testicular cancer), and I'm sure he'll find a use for the vehicle. But next time, maybe the media should stop asking after the thirtieth time?