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Daily Cupcakes: January 6th, 2011

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Some Joe Sakic news, he's being inducted into the BC Hockey Hall of Fame 2011 class.

Not that there weren't a few beads of sweat and some nervous laughter from committee member Bernie Pascall after Sakic failed to answer the phone during an announcement of the B.C. Hockey Hall of Fame's 2011 inductees on Wednesday.

Tippet talks aout Wojtek Wolski in a Coyotes - Avalanche preview.

"I don't think things have gone as well as he'd like right now, but I'm sure he'd like to have a breakout game against his old team," Tippett said. "That's just human nature; anybody would like to do that."

Another preview for the Phoenix - Colorado

"We wanted to come out of that home slump, so like I said earlier, I think we've played some really good hockey at home," said Matt Duchene, who extend his career-high point streak to five games with his 16th goal.