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Game 42 Preview: New York Islanders at Colorado Avalanche


I've got a bad feeling about this.

On paper, this should be a cakewalk. We saw how well that whole "paper" thing worked out back on October 16th, when these Isles stomped the Avs 5-2. Not long after that, the Islanders reeled off 20 losses in 21 games. So, easy peasy today, right? Well, the boys from Long Island have won 6 of their last 8. Like I said, I'm a little worried.

Whether you watch the Avalanche feed or the Islanders feed, expect about 18 different montages and graphics to remind you that THE TOP TWO FORWARDS FROM THE 2009 DRAFT ARE PLAYING IN THIS GAME. Oh, AND THEY EACH ARE LEADING THEIR TEAMS IN SCORING (although Tavares would be just 5th in scoring on the Avs). They are SUPER SOPHOMORES indeed.

Go Avs. Please prove me wrong. k thnx.

Islanders vs Avalanche coverage

Lighthouse Hockey



Colorado New York Islanders
12th 47 Points  29th 30
4th 3.24 GF/G  28th 2.34
28th 3.17 GA/G  27th 3.13
7th 21.3 PP%  18th 16.7
26th 78.4 PK%  14th 82.0
16th 30.5 S/G 27th 28.0
20th 31.2 SA/G 22nd 31.8
19th 49.7 FO%  10th 51.2
16th 12.8 PIM/G  29th 16.1
Duchene 40 pts Top Scorer Tavares 27 pts