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Mile High Hockey Vs. The Avalanche Guild

UPDATE: We're still running low on ticket sales right now, folks. If we don't get to 200, we won't get to play. At last count, we were at 71. This is definitely an improvement from last week, but we still have a ways to go. PLEASE help us out and spread the word! Even if you can't make it to the Avs' game, maybe your coworkers, friends, family members, enemies can. Also, I only have 9 players on the roster, so there is still room for people to sign up and play. For anyone who plays, we are asking that you sell at least 5 tickets. Thanks so much for helping out. -Derek

By the way, here are the quick details for the tickets:

Colorado Avalanche vs. Los Angeles Kings

Sunday, October 30 - 6:00pm Puck Drop



Lower Level Corner/End - $55 per seat (Normally up to $112)
Club Level Corner/End - $55 (Normally up to $115)
Upper Level Corner - $27 (Normally $40)


A few weeks ago we put up an article about the upcoming hockey game at Pepsi Center between the 2 rival blogs. Well, now we have the ticket purchasing information to make the game happen. If you click here:  MHH v Avs Guild you will be taken to a PDF of the flier which contains the link for the exclusive discount for Mile High Hockey readers. You can get lower level and club level seats normally priced at $115 for the low price of $55. You can also purchase upper level tickets normally priced at $40 for $27.

To answer some of the general questions from last year, you do not have to purchase tickets (although it is HIGHLY encouraged to help us make this game happen) to come and watch us play. We will be taking the ice promptly at 3pm so please be at the main entrance to the Pepsi Center no later than 2pm so we can be escorted to the locker room and get changed and ready for the game. All hockey bags will be searched prior to heading into the arena. While I fully expect redemption and a victory this year, all beer drinking will have to wait until after the game when we all go over to Brooklyn's to celebrate our win and take advantage of a special discount on our bill there.

All family, friends, and readers of Mile High Hockey 18 years of age and up are eligible to play in the game. As you know Team Mile High Hockey will required to sell a minimum of 75 tickets for the game to happen. It came down to the wire last year and I'm hoping that we are going to blow that number out of the water this year. If you aren't going to play, I would also ask you to please feel free to print out the flier and take it to school or work. In order for your friends and co-workers are also eligible for this amazing deal on tickets, they MUST go to the link provided in order for us to get credit for them purchasing tickets.

To sign up to play, please email me using the little envelope next to my name at the bottom of this page. I will take as many players as I can, but in order to get everyone as much playing time as possible I will limit the roster to 15 players and 1 goalie (me). So what are you waiting for, go! I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday the 30th!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or ask them in the comments below.