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Daily Cupcakes- October 13th, 2011

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The Colorado Avalanche will be taking on the Ottawa Senators and Craig Anderson.

Anderson will make his fourth start in game No. 4, which sees the Senators take on the Colorado Avalanche at Scotiabank Place Thursday. In February, the Avalanche cut ties with Anderson, their starter for a year and a half, when they opted against signing him before he became a free agent. In return, they spared Senators fans from watching Elliott misplay the position any longer, making a 1-for-1 swap with Ottawa.

"Obviously, away from the rink you’ve got some good friends on that side," Anderson, who is 1-2 and has allowed 12 goals in eight periods, said of facing his ex-mates.


Gabriel Landeskog talks about his first NHL goal in this recap. Also Adrian Dater has video of Landeskog talking about his goal on his blog.

It was a memorable night for the 18-year-old Landeskog, the second pick in last summer's draft.

"I didn't know if I got it. I didn't know if it went off something else after me," the Swede said, grinning. "I jumped and it hit my skate and I saw that the guys were cheering. I just started jumping."

"Finally! And it was such a big game," Landeskog said. "It's a big road trip for us. It's huge for team bonding as well to get those two points. You always dream about scoring in a crucial moment of a game, especially on the road like this in the third game of the season. So, it was a huge relief for me, and for the team as well."


Quite a good story that centers on John-Micheal Liles, the Leafs have an army retreat, and it left JML thinking about his brother's tour in Iraq. 

But for veteran defenceman John-Michael Liles, the Leafs’ three-day stay at Canadian Forces Base Trenton left him thinking about his family – and specifically his little brother, Joe.

"He’s a navigator on a P-3 in the U.S. Navy," Liles said, referring to the Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft commonly used by naval forces to detect submarines. "He’s stationed up in Washington State."

Despite the distance between them, the pair remain close. On the navy hockey team’s website, Joe – now 26 – lists his brother as the person he most admires "because he overcomes every obstacle that comes his way."