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Back from the Dead: Kyle Quincey!

It seems Kyle Quincey has embraced the Halloween spirit and done like your favorite plants vs zombies character, and risen from the dead. Or perhaps he was stoked from Sunday night's Walking Dead premiere, who knows. All we do know is: Welcome back BMF!

We were tough on Mr. Quincey after his dismal abysmal season last, so it's only fair that we show him a little love now that he is back amongst the living. Last season Quincey accrued 1 measly assist in 21 games on his way to a plus/minus -5, before throwing a check at Ovechkin that only hurt himself. He encompassed all that was awful. But the BMF has reared his gnarly ways again and in just 6 games has potted 1 goal and 2 assists, is a +/- +2, and already has half as many shots as he had in 21 games last season. His points have also been timely: an assist last night on the game winner, and the tying PP goal in Montreal to send the game to OT. And after averaging 1.5 hits a game in his first two full NHL seasons, and only 1.3 hits per game last season. This year, he's off to a 1.8 hits per game start.

Stats only tell a portion of Kyle's resurrection tale though as his overall play is back to the form we grew to love when he first arrived with the Avs. He's strong, confident, reliable, steady, and intelligently aggressive. Instead of being owned in his own end, he now owns his own end (go ahead and read that sentence twice, it works). Quincey and his partner in crime, Shane O'Brien, are making sure anyone who comes within 782 miles of their net minder pay for their negligent and intrusive behavior. All in all, Kyle Quincey seems to be back. Yes, it's only 6 games - a small sample size to be sure, but do you love the free Costco samples any less because they're small? Me thinks not.

Kyle, you are no longer "Thing #2", you are our only thing - and we love you.