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Just-for-Fun Jersey Redesign Thread

I don't remember who asked for this, but I thought it was a great idea.  And since I didn't get a photoshop thread up last week (sorry guys - homework took over for a bit there), we'll be doing this today.  But I promise to have a photoshop thread up on Friday as well.


Here's the rules - there really aren't any rules.  Just don't make something more horrendous than what we already have.  Keeping the Burgundy and Blue is probably a good move, and the NHL seems to want the home jerseys colorful and the away jerseys mostly white (pesky NHL spoiling all our fun).  Also, it seems like most people still like/love the "A" logo, and the fanbase liked the zig-zag paterns from the original jerseys.  The unique number font and black pants have also been largely embraced, although they too can be changed.  

Good luck and make it awesome!