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The return of Tyler Arnason

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Recently I wondered about Tyler Arnason and what he's doing now. I did a quick little Google search and didn't find much besides Mile High Hockey articles from a couple of years ago. I shrugged my shoulders and decided he was done with hockey. Little did I know that he'd be back in, green and gold this season.

After failing to secure a new contract with the Avalanche, Arnason bounced around quite a bit. He was signed to a one-year two-way deal with the Rangers for the 2009-2010 season, but he didn't make the team out of camp. Thus, off to their AHL affiliate (Hartford Wolf Pack) he went. Except, he only got 11 games in with the Wolf Pack before his lack of interest resulted in the Rangers releasing him from his contract. It was on to Europe for Trailors Arnassons, where he snagged a gig with Dinamo Riga in the KHL. He lasted the whole season, but his play did not impress enough to get another contract (11 pts in 26 games).

Arnie's attempt to return to the NHL was foiled when he blew his try out at the Panther's 2010 training camp. Undaunted, he accepted an invitation to try out for the AHL's Maintoba Moose. Of course, he chose not to even show up. Europe decided to take another run at him, which did not go well: 9 games with EHC Biel (Switzerland), 1 game with EHC Visp, (Switzerland), and 8 games with Espoo Blues (Finland). That was the extent of Tyler Arnason's 2010-2011 hockey season.

Somehow, Arnason made his way to training camp for the AHL's Texas Stars at the end of September 2011. Not only did he make the team, he was on the opening night roster! He has even notched a goal in his 5 games with the team. I'm calling 15 games and then he's gone again with yet another "mutual agreement" to take advantage of the "escape clause" written into his contracts. Oh, Trailer.