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Checking Out Avalanche TV

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So, I'm doing something different this week, mostly because I'm bitter about the fact I just found out I'm allergic to prime rib, bacon, sushi and oatmeal cookies. Seriously. Red meat, pork, rice and oats. Go figure, eh?

Anyway, for those of you who cruise the Avalanche website, you've probably seen these. Some folks don't make it over there too often, though. Thus I am bringing Avs TV to you with some of the funnier and/or more interesting tidbits. Today's looksie is all about the little things.

60 Seconds With...

60 Seconds With is essentially a rapid fire interview with the players about random things. The answers are sometimes humorous, sometimes no brainers (e.g. favorite pregame meal), but they are always glimpses into the players as people, not just parts of a team.

First up is Erik Johnson

Next we have TJ Galiardi.


And now it's David Jones.


Here's a bit of Shane O'Brien.


Finally, we end with Paul Stastny.


What's fun about these is that we get a chance to see our favorite team in a different light...well, and the silly answers some of them give. Quite the opposite ends of the spectrum on your favorite movie, EJo.