Colorado Blackhawks?

Results from the Oct. 20 Poll: What would be your #1 team, should the Avs cease to exist?


1. Chicago Blackhawks (33 votes)
2. Buffalo Sabres (19)
3. Washington CapitalsLos Angeles Kings (16 each)
5. Pittsburgh PenguinsBoston Bruins (15 each)
7. Dallas Stars (12)
8. Toronto Maple Leafs; Winnipeg Jets (9 each)
10. Tampa Bay Lightning (8)


They were my team before the Avs.

I almost flagged this for bringing up such a shitty Avalanche hating subject, but I refrained."



My home town team, I already consider them 1A. The only time I actively root against the Hawks is when they play the Avs"



"I voted Chicago

but I follow Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Boston, Tampa Bay, New Jersey, LA and Nashville as well. I’m probably going to start keeping tabs on the Islanders as well (I really like Taveares). And of course, I’d follow Dutchy, Radar, Landy, EJ, Varly, and Stazz no matter where they went…. maybe even Detroit (and yes, I did just puke a bit at the thought of our golden guys in that nasty uniform)."


"Chi Town Family is from there and watching the Hawks is really only quality time I get with my Dad"



Chicago in the west. Tampa in the east. There are so many guys on Chicago’s roster to like. Johnny Toews is far-and-away my favorite player outside the Avs."


"I picked Chicago. They were my team (with some apologies to St. Louis) before the Avs, and I was a Tony Esposito fan back in the day. I don’t think I’d go deep, though. I’d probably spend my money with the Colorado Eagles (ECHL) or go watch the local Midget AA teams (try it sometime, very entertaining hockey, and it costs nothing)."
-Busted Twigg



I have all this hatred for the Deadthings and i would hate for it to go to waste."


-226 votes cast
-Every team received at least one vote*, but this list includes only the top ten.
-*Except Detroit -- Yes, they were not even an option, but it's not like anybody entered a 'write-in' vote in the comments. So, that means they finish with a whopping zero votes. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of