I was there, my thoughts of the Kings game, 10/30


Ok, I was there, first off, the refs sucked tonight. I think that phantom slash they called on O'Brien was a make up call for a dive that Stoll took before, he argued hard and dropped a couple of F-bombs that I could hear 14 rows up. Oh and I don't see how you can hold with you stick hand, but there you go. ... So my other observations: 1. tale of two Duchene's, before his goal he was a pass first, tentitive skater, but when he had his break and couldn't pass it, he scored a goal scorer's goal, and played with way more confidence after. 2. Stastny seemed like just another guy out there, he needs to pick it up too. 3. What the heck did that puck hit on Hedjuk's goal? 4. I love O'Brien, he does so much that you couldn't see on a camera. His project tonight was Parise (the bad one) and he hit him a couple of times and I think made him take a penalty. 5. Stoll is a little bitch who complains after every whistle. Refs didn't like his act, but it might have worked. 6. Didn't see the Winnik PIM, but it was a little suspicious they would call one of the avs best penalty killers with that much time left. 7. Doughty was jsut another guy out there tonight as well, almost didn't know he was back from injury. Makes you wonder how Mueller can come back without spending some time in the minors to get his game sharp. If he ever really comes back at all. 7. Winnik. How is he getting so much TOI? and why? 8. McLeod looked good too, for the 3 or 4 shifts he got, he did his job, probably should be playing a bit more than he is.