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Opening Night Ticket Marketplace

I've noticed some Tickets Wanted/Available posts recently, so I thought I'd create a place for conversations about what's out there. That way, peeps could get what they needed for Opening Night. In the comments section, list what you have for sale or what you want to buy, and hopefully we can get some deals made.

I'm totally going to take advantage of my brilliant idea by pimping out my own extra tickets. I have two of them to sell. They are located in Section 322, first row. (Technically, it's row 6, but that's one of those spots where the row numbers start all funky-like.) They are on the same side of the arena as the retired jerseys, so you'll get a great view of the ceremony. I bought them for $122 each, but I'm happy to sell them to an MHHer for $100 each OBO. Email me via the link to my email address at the bottom of the page.