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Daily Cupcakes- October 7th, 2011

The National Post announces that Boston University has found a 3rd ex-NHL'er to have a degenerative disease of the brain. The scary thing is that Rick Martin was not an enforcer.

Boston University researchers have found a degenerative disease linked to head trauma in the brain tissue of the late NHL great Rick Martin, the first 50-goal scorer for the Buffalo Sabres and a member of their famed French Connection line.

Martin, who died in March of hypertensive heart disease at age 59, becomes the third former NHL player found by researchers to have had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) — a disease that causes cognitive decline, behavioural abnormalities and ultimately dementia.

Good news for Derek Boogaard 's brother. Although, this whole story is tragic, so I don't know that "good news" is that right term.

A Minnesota judge threw out a felony charge against the brother of hockey enforcer Derek Boogaard on Thursday for supplying a painkiller that contributed to the player's overdose death earlier this year.

Aaron Boogard, 24, told police he gave his brother an oxycodone pill at the start of a night of partying that led to Boogaard's death May 13 at age 28. Aaron Boogaard was charged with unlawful distribution of a controlled substance.

Greg Sherman has good things to say about Gabriel Landeskog.

From what Sherman saw during the preseason, nothing has changed his belief that Landeskog is ready to play -- and thrive -- in the NHL.

"I think in talking with our scouts in anticipation of what to expect from him, he's lived up to that," Sherman told "He does the little things on the ice. He's a smart hockey player, he's got good size, and he's the type of player that down the line will make his teammates better, his linemates better. He has a tremendous amount of character, make-up. For an 18-year-old he's very focused. I think when you look at not only the physical attributes, but the capabilities he has mentally, it's very impressive for an 18-year-old."


Beachie here. This article was mentioned by AlexanderH in the comments of another thread, and upon reading it, I thought it worth adding to the post. Dater writes about new Avalanche Jan Hejda. It seems Colorado is still a place players want to be.

But even before he had received an offer from Colorado, Hejda told his wife and children that the Avalanche would be No. 1 on his list. So far, nobody from the Hejda household has had any problems with that.

"Right now, I am so happy to be on this team," said Hejda, a 33-year-old defenseman who spent the past four seasons with Columbus. "Everybody, from the players to everyone else in the organization, has been so nice to me."