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Hey Colorado Avalanche Fans, use Keybank?

Those of you who both listen to local radio stations like 105.5, 101.1 and 97.3 - JACK, KOSI and KBCO respectively - have probably heard of this already since it's mostly been a radio advertised promotion, but I figured I'd give a little shout to those of us in the Avalanche family who use Keybank that hadn't heard of this yet.

Key is holding a special 'thank you' sort of promotion today at ten of its most popular branches across the Denver metro area, giving out sets of free tickets to the Colorado Avalanche vs. Detroit Red Wings home opener tomorrow to Keybank customers 'While Supplies Last'. Obviously that might mean that they only have one set of tickets per branch and are trying to troll the hell out of everyone, but Key is usually a little nicer than that.

And sorry for those of you who are hoping to cheat the system, it only applies to people who already had an account before yesterday. You can see the details of the promotion here.

Just don't mack the branch I use, I want them tickets.