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Battle of the Blades - Halloween Special


This week Battle of the Blades held the much anticipated Halloween special. Unfortunately none captured by imagination quite like last year's show, but still they were quite entertaining.

Kurt Browning did a performance as Two Face and it was pretty darn entertaining. Ron MacLean was dressed as a wizard, and the judges were dressed as devils.

The highest pair of the week was Tanith Belbin and Boyd Devereaux. They performed to  "Tore My Heart" by Oona. Boyd was a werewolf and seemed to have fun with it, and it seemed technically difficult, the pair got the first 6.0 of the season, and ended up with a 17.8.

The second highest pair was Violetta Afanasieva and Cale Hulse. They skated to "Love Potion Number 9" by The Clovers. And boys, you may want to go take a look. Violetta played the nurse while Cale was the doctor. They finished the night with a 17.6.  The performance was fun, but seemed to lack difficulty.

Up next was Tessa Bonhomme and David Pelletier, who became Mummies to the song "Haunted House" by Elvira. They got a 17.5 for a tricky little number that had Tessa doing a handstand on David's arm.

Next was Marie-France Dubreuil and Bryan Berard who skated as zombie lovers to "Tainted Love" by Marilyn Manson. Bryan grabbed Marie-France by the neck and raised her off the ground at one point. Poor girl must have one sore neck after rehersing that move a few times! I thought it was one of the better performances, lots of fun! Unfortunately the judges didn't agree and they ended up with a 17.4.

In last place, of the "bleederboard" on Sunday was Elena Berezhnaya and Curtis Leschyshyn. They skated to "Ladies & Gentlemen" by Saliva. When I first heard which song they'd be doing, I was worrried. But they did this twisted carnival type theme and I really enjoyed it, they flubbed here and there and weren't as "on" as they usually are and the marks reflected this. They finished with a 16.9.

Monday night came, and the results were surprising to some. Tessa was safe, Bryan was safe, Curtis was safe. Which left the two on top of the leaderboard in the bottom two. In what has become a habbit for Cale and Violetta they took to the ice once again Monday night, and performed it very well. Then it was Boyd and Tanith's turn, and they too performed very well. Unfortunately, the judges had already used their "save" and so it was the last song for Cale and Violetta.