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It Takes Two to Tango

We all know that the Avs are extremely weak at wing, especially the on the left.  This season, the team is tying to roll 3 scoring lines, and while they're doing okay at it right now, another injury or two may force them to make a trade to stay competitive.  But even if the team does somehow manage to stay healthy this season, a good wing could really help our chances of making playoffs.  It's the only position we're really missing, and based on the team's recent trades, the Avs are definitely to the point where they're seeking out the final pieces.  

I've already written a post on which players I think the Avs may go after, but it takes two to tango.  A trade will never go through unless the Avs can provide a tempting offer going the other way.  Luckily, the Avs blueline is fairly loaded, especially when it comes to nearly NHL-ready prospects like Elliott, Barrie and Gaunce.  And with our low salary, we can offer other teams the opportunity to free up some cap space if they're looking to move one of their higher-paid players.  

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know everything that's going on with the other teams in the NHL.  Sure, I can look up stats, but they only tell part of the story.  However, I know that there are a large number of people on this board who watch other teams, so I figured I'd just ask you instead. 

Which teams are strong at wing and might consider making a trade for defense or cap reasons?  Right now, I'm more interested learning about the strengths of other clubs than which specific players they might move.  So with that in mind, who would make a good trading partner with the Avs?