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Daily Cupcakes- November 18th, 2011

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The Islanders SBN site has an article about the salary floor.

Normally any discussion of the salary cap involves the ceiling, not the floor.  For example, if you want to add a guy who would put you over, you have to subtract salary FIRST and only then will you be permitted to add that guy.  Within the CBA, one can find many examples and illustrations of what a club can or cannot do when they're right at that upper boundary - but precious few of what happens down in the Baltic-and-Mediterranean end of town, where the Isles currently sit, hoping someone will land on their Marriott and owe them a money.

Theo Fleury has stuff up on his blog about the Penn State scandal, as you can imagine he is incredibly passionate about this and is issuing a challenge to every adult to make a stand, and to not accept this kind of behavior. 

It’s not the time for semantics, for second guessing, for looking out for your own interest or your business interest, for your buddy or friend, or for looking the other way.  It is the time to contact the authorities and speak up!

A child’s life is at stake.

Money, contracts, games, etc. are not important when it comes to the life of a child.

And if you’re the adult who saw something, or thinks they saw something IT IS YOUR DUTY AS AN ADULT TO STAND UP FOR THAT CHILD AND DO SOMETHING NOW.

It’s a silly argument to say that an adult has to see with their own eyes the actual incident(s) of abuse, it’s a baseless argument to say that since Joe Paterno wasn’t in the shower with the abuser and the victim that he bears no responsibility ~ absolutely a ridiculous thing to say, and Henry Burris should be ashamed of himself.

To be clear: I will always stand up for the victims, the survivors and ultimately the victors over this disgusting epidemic of sexual assault and abuse.

I will always speak up…it’s my duty as an adult.

Also, TSN has a blog about Terry Pegula standing behind the University.

Good news for Chara.

After eight months, the police case has been officially closed on Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara's devastating hit on the Montreal Canadiens' Max Pacioretty.

There will be no criminal charges laid over the on-ice incident last March.

The hulking defenceman shoved the young Canadiens forward into a stanchion, breaking a vertebra and ending his season in an act that prompted a national debate on violence in hockey.

Hockeysfuture has an article about the Avs and their drafted D's (mainly).

Duncan Siemens is the complete package: a big, smart, two-way, puck-moving rearguard with a heavy shot who can be downright nasty in his own end. At 6'3, 205 pounds, the 18-year-old is an intimidating presence for opposing forwards battling for pucks in the offensive zone corners and around the goal. With four goals and 10 assists through 21 games thus far, Siemens is set to eclipse his offensive totals from last season, though he has struggled at times over-handling the puck.

The Avalanche have an abundance of young prospect talent on the blue line in Cameron Gaunce, Stefan Elliott, and Tyson Barrie, but Siemens will have an opportunity to leapfrog the trio if he can outperform them at training camp next year. He is a virtual lock for a top-four role in the NHL some day.