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Daily Cupcakes- Novemeber 21st, 2011

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Toronto Sun
has a story from around the league. They mention Colorado:

COLORADO: Sacco is in the final year of his contract and he needs to get this club into the post-season. Management wasn’t thrilled with his handling of C Matt Duchene earlier this season by placing him on the fourth line. Possible candidates include f Craig MacTavish and Michel Therrien.


Mike Milbury feels that Nash should be moved. (Yes, please, to the Avs, thanks.)

In the world of NHL hockey, it is a badge of honour in many ways to remain with the same team for your entire career. It speaks of a player's loyalty to team and a town. It speaks of consistency and achievement. It also is not always the best for either the player or the team.

Take the case of Rick Nash. also thinks that Sacco should go.

Joe Sacco, Avalanche: He is a lame duck coach in the final year of his contract. Should Colorado stray too far from the playoff pace, he will be an easy subtraction to make. Denver Post scribe Adrian Dater assesses the situation thusly: "The problem has been that Sacco's team too often has had the identity of an adolescent: One night they seem to be one thing, the next day another. Sometimes they want to work hard, other times they want to laze around awhile and not be told what to do."


And, lastly, Bryzgalov apologizes to Winnipeg.

Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov wants everyone in Winnipeg to know that he is sorry for being mean about the city last spring. So sorry he’s willing to take a tour to see how nice it is.

The Russian goalie raised the ire of Winnipeggers when he was with the Phoenix Coyotes and got asked about the possibility of the team moving to the Manitoba capital.