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Daily Cupcakes- November 23rd, 2011

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A preview for the game tonight.

More than two years have passed since the Vancouver Canucks have failed to earn at least one point when facing the Colorado Avalanche.

Meeting the Avs in Denver could help the Canucks extend that streak and give coach Alain Vigneault the franchise record for victories.

The Avs won't be facing Luongo.

Roberto Luongo says his mystery ailment is better and he's again ready to play but, unless Cory Schneider face-plants in Denver, Luongo will watch tonight's Vancouver Canuck-Colorado Avalance clash wearing a ball cap.

Schneider is coming off a superb 28-save performance against the Ottawa Senators and head coach Alain Vigneault obviously doesn't want to switch horses with his team stumbling around the NHL's nether regions.

Reimer has finally talked about his symptoms

James Reimer walked into a utility room deep in the bowels of the St. Pete Times Forum, saw a crowd of reporters and cameramen waiting for him, and said: "I missed you guys."

Actually, it was the other way around.

It had been almost a month since the Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender last spoke about a mysterious head-and-neck injury suffered when he was elbowed in a game against the Montreal Canadiens on Oct. 22. The reason, according to Reimer, was because there was not much to report. He did not know what he had, when he was going to be back or what the future might hold.

A story on concussions.

It’s something of a subjective injury, therefore unpredictable, and it’s also mysterious, which can make it scary.

Despite technological marvels and the best efforts of modern neuroscience, more is unknown than known when it comes to concussion.

There are a finite number of things that can go wrong with a knee or a shoulder, but it’s not clear, for example, exactly why one person’s brain can need months or years to bounce back whereas another will make what seems like a miracle recovery in a week or two.

And a Cupcake from DDC. Actually, it was made by the artist formerly known as Paul's Coffey. And he's trying to get his funny commercial in the Super Bowl