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Chicks and their Polls: Mr. Elliott, what a big wrister you have

We all knew it would happen sooner or later. Okay, let's be honest: we knew it would be sooner rather than later because the Avs and injuries are like Forrest and Jenny. Stefan Elliott has entered the ranks of the NHL. It's really too bad he made such a poor showing in his first game out...I'm sorry, what was that? Huh? He made a beautiful play to break up a two-on-one and his first NHL goal was the game-winner? You say he made the coach giggle like a school girl he was so giddy? Oh yeahhhh, that's right. I remember now. There wasn't any imaginary awesomeness going on with Stefan Elliott on November 26th vs. the Oilers. I can hear a certain beat reporter saying, "I told you so!" over and over in his sleep.

Okay, so Elliott rocked. But will it continue? And will he really make that big of a difference to the team?