Daniel Winnik and the Coach of Doom.

First off let me say I'm never going to do this again, but I'd noticed that Winnik has been leading the forwards in TOI for quite a while, then Mike asked me how much of that was even strength.  The short answer to that was, I didn't know, if it was built up by all his work on the PK then I was harping on the wrong thing.  So let's find out if I'm wrong together eh?

If you take anything away from this it shoudln't be that I'm an anti-winnik-ite, I'm pretty much in the fire Sacco camp. 

I went to here:

it's the game by game shift charts in case anyone wants them.

That's a pile of stats that I didn't want to wade through so being lazy I went here and they gave me what I need:

Because I'm not all that great at formatting or graphs, I'll let you all click on the link and just give my .2¢, it will save on the typing and I am getting paid to design offices, not talk hockey (as far as anyone knows).

So, what I take away from that is that winnik has been on the ice about 9 minutes more than any other forward on the avs.  I'm not really sure you want a guy who is as offensively limited to be playing that many minutes.  While he could be getting all the defensive zone starts that's not likely.  Then you have Stastny, O'Reilly, Hedjuk and Landeskog bunched up, then Duchene below them then Jones, then the rest.

A cursory glance shows that the total PK and PP minutes played by Winnik could be evened out by his more talented peers PP minutes and his average on the PK is close to the averages of Duchene, Hedjuk and Stastny on the PP and if you add their total minutes of special teams times, they're close, so I'll move onto the ES minutes:

Hi Winnik, you're leading the team in average and total time on ice, even strenght.   I am somewhat surprised that Duchene, who is leading the team with Points and goals isn't getting more ice time and that the #6 (Factor) and #11(Winnik) scorers are #1 and #2 at even strength, you know since he has one more ES goal than both of those guys.    

It gets worse if you look at behind the net's numbers (I don't know why those differ from's):

there they have Landeskog and O'Reilly getting more ES toi than Stastny,  Duchene, Jones and Hedjuk.

I didn't have all morning to find a site that had the avs minutes in november, if someone can let me know of one I'll update it.  What I do have is this:


he's playing about 18-21 minutes a game over the last 15 games or so.


It varies but in the same time, he's playing 16-20 minutes total, but it's tailed off a lot lately.


Pretty consistantly between 16-19 minutes or so per game in the same time.


pretty consistanly between 18-20 minutes. 

What I draw from that is: 

When Duchene plays less than 19 minutes a game he doesn't score.  Over that he's pretty dyanmic.  Stastny is pretty ineffective when he's in the doghouse, he doesn't score without some minutes.  Winnik, has been getting really consistant 1st line minutes.  Jones has fallen off the map.   I think that Sacco values hard work quite a bit and he obviously trusts Winnik probably more than any other player on the team, other than O'Reilly, and they are taking quite a few shots between them that aren't going in.  Either they're unlucky or it's a poor use of resources.  In the NHL you live and die by your stars (Hello Bruce Boudreau and Paul Maurice) and if you can't get them to produce, like Sacco isn't, you're not going to be employed for long. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of