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Devils at Avalanche, Game 25 Preview


Sorry for the delay, everyone. We decided to do an impressionist preview, meant to be indicative of the Avs' late starts, half-hearted efforts and complete lack of ability to drive a point home. Or, AJ fucked up and forgot about it.

Either way, the Avalanche host the New Jersey Devils tonight.The Devils are lead in scoring by Patrick Elias. Bazillionaire Ilya Kovalchuk is 3rd on the team in scoring with 13 points and future Avalanche (not) Zach Parise has 12 points for the Devils. Rookie Adam Larsson comes into the game with a 5-game point streak.

The Avs? Yeah, pretty much the same frustrating story. Goaltending has been better. Effort has been better. Yet, winning still isn't happening. Luckily, it gets pretty easy after tonight. Our next 3 opponents - St Louis, Detroit and Vancouver - have a combined 15 straight wins as of today. And, between now and Christmas the Avalanche face one team that doesn't have a winning record today. There's your happy happy joy joy thought of the day.

22 GP 24
12 W 10
9 L 13
1 OT 1
25 P 21
0.568 P% 0.438
2.36 G/G 2.46
2.59 GA/G 3.04
12.8 PP% 23.8
94.2 PK% 80.2
27.5 S/G 33.0
28.4 SA/G 29.0
47.3 FO% 52.2