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Avalanche at Detroit, Game 15 Preview


The Avalanche are in Detroit tonight to take on the Red Wings. Obviously, it's been kind of an up and down season so far for the Avalanche and I don't have a freaking clue which persona I should adopt for today's recap. So, I went with both.

Sonny Sunshine: The Avalanche have scored 30 goals on the road, tops in the league

Negative Nancy: Maybe we should arrange to have the Pepsi Center demolished while the Avs are gone? They have an underwhelming 7 goals at home...dead last.

Sonny Sunshine: Overall, though, things have been good. The Avs have outshot their opponents 452 to 423 so far this year.

Negative Nancy: The Avs are 2-5-1 when outshooting the opposition

Sonny Sunshine: The Avalanche have the league's most potent power play, converting on 26.7% of their chances

Negative Nancy: And the Avs' Penalty Kill is sputtering along at 75.6% efficiency. That a half point worse than last year, when they were dead last in the league.

Sonny Sunshine: Right Winger David Jones leads the team with a blistering 19.2% shooting percentage.

Negative Nancy: Jones is averaging less than 2 shots per game.

Sonny Sunshine: Matt Duchene leads the team in scoring with 11 points.

Negative Nancy: He'll never move off the wing now.

Sonny Sunshine: Semyon Varlamov has a higher save percentage than Craig Anderson.

Negative Nancy: And a lower save percentage than Jose Theodore

Sonny Sunshine: The Avs have not lost a game in regulation when leading after the 1st or 2nd period (3-0-1, 4-0-0).

Negative Nancy: The Avs have not won a game when losing after the 1st or second period (0-2-0, 0-5-0)

Sonny Sunshine: The Red Wings are sponsored by AMWAY. LOLOLOLOL

Negative Nancy: Maybe if the Avalanche had a sponsor, they could spend some money on players? You know, like that whole "free agency" thing that all the other teams take part in?

Sonny Sunshine: Todd Bertuzzi is a choad

Negative Nancy: Can't disagree with you there.